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Fast relief from a toothache

We understand that a toothache can easily make you change your week’s plans or even leave you in a low mood throughout the day. A toothache can cause you to have a severe headache and even render you incapable of eating or swallowing anything. Using over-the-counter medications may provide you with temporary relief from a persistent toothache.

But note! Repeated use of pain relief medications may provide you with a false sense of belief that you have your toothache situation under control. This makes it essential that you have a professional dentist help you manage your toothache by providing you with a fast and permanent pain relief solution.

Tooth abscess incision and drainage

A tooth abscess is a pus-filled cavity that forms due to microbial infection. When left untreated, the microorganism present in the abscess may spread to other parts of the body, causing one to experience systemic illness.

And when also treated unprofessionally and in an unhygienic condition, the chances of the abscess recurring are usually high. This makes it vital that you have your abscess incised and drained in a certified dental clinic, where the sterility of the equipment used and services offered are taken with the utmost seriousness.

Dental repair of a broken or chipped tooth

A chipped or broken tooth can cause an injury to your inner mouth. And when not immediately addressed, chipped or broken teeth can develop into more significant cracks, which may prompt a dentist to remove the tooth/teeth entirely. So why wait for things to escalate to this level?

Reattachment of knocked out teeth

We offer reliable reattachment services for knocked-out teeth. Provided your knocked-out tooth is still intact, and you come within 1 hour after the incident, our dentist will be able to reattach your tooth back to its original anatomical position. To preserve your tooth viability after it’s knocked down, please immerse it in a clean container containing milk or water mixed with a pinch of water.

Restoration of fillings and crowns

Our work ethic is to restore and not to remove your natural teeth. Thus if your fillings or crowns have been damaged, we will ensure that we restore them back to an almost original shape without compromising your tooth/teeth shape integrity.

Fixing broken orthodontics

Dental orthodontics are inserted in your teeth to provide you with an ideal teeth alignment to make it easy for you to talk, chew and bite on stuff. Given their importance, we view broken orthodontics as a dental emergency; thus, we won’t postpone your appointment if you want your orthodontics fixed.

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