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Are you looking for professional and cost-effective emergency dental services in Mississauga? If so then ease your mind as at the Emergency Dental Clinic Mississauga we got you covered.

Why choose Emergency Dental Mississauga?

Emergency Dental Mississauga has been certified by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada NDEB. Thus, you are assured of zero risks of provision of unprofessional emergency dental services.

We are a team of competent and experienced dentists who have foreseen both simple and complex successful dental procedures of over a dozen patients. We never dismiss our patients’ concerns or ideas as we value your input and feedback on how you want your dental services to be performed on you.

Our medical team and support staff have all been professionally trained on how to best handle and talk to everybody that comes to our medical facility. Thus, you are assured of 100% quality service delivery from the point of entry up to the point of the actual emergency dental clinic services in Mississauga.

We offer cost-effective services for all of our clients. Our mission is not to exploit our patients but to provide them with excellent, reliable, convenient, and cost-effective emergency dental services in Mississauga, Canada.

We appreciate the fact that for more fast, more accurate, and more reliable results, up-to-date technologies have to be used. Hence, we have invested in the latest dental technologies for the efficient provision of dental services. Our machines are also maintained and updated on a regular basis by professionals.

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Teeth Pain

Toothache can lead to severe headaches and make it difficult to eat or swallow.

An abscess tooth is a pus-filled cavity caused by microbial infection.

An injury to the inner mouth can result from a chipped or broken tooth.

To give you a perfect smile, dental orthodontics can be inserted into your teeth to make it easy for you to talk, chew and bite on stuff.

We provide reliable reattachment services to knocked out teeth.

Our goal is to restore your natural teeth, not to extract them.

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What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

Call in for an emergency dental service

Before doing anything else, you need to contact a certified dentist and inform them of your dental emergency. This is necessary as it will help your dentist have a clear picture of what's your dental emergency is about and how best they will resolve it even before your actual arrival.

At Emergency Dental Mississauga, we offer 24 hours dental emergency services, so don't hesitate to call us on any day and any time.

Know how to handle a dental emergency before arriving at the dental clinic

You will need to know how to care for your dental emergency before arriving at the dental facility for professional dental emergency services. For instance, if your tooth has been knocked out, you should immerse it in a cup filled with temperate milk to preserve its viability.

To stop your gum from bleeding, place a clean, moistened gauze on the bleeding gum and apply pressure on it by moderately clenching your jaws. You can also use a teabag if you don't have a gauze.

How do you prevent dental emergencies?

Schedule routine dental visits

Ensure that you schedule a routine dental visit with a certified dentist. At least do this after every 6 months, even in the absence of a dental emergency.

Watch what you eat

If you cannot wholly eliminate the intake of sugary food, please try and reduce the quantity you consume. Note! eating a lot of sugary foods or products directly contributes to tooth decay and cavities formation. Consider taking in foods rich in Vitamin C and vitamin K. Such foods work to boost the health of your gums and maintain and promote the development of healthy tooth enamel(s).

Utilize a mouthguard when engaging in risky activities

To avoid dental emergencies such as knocked-out teeth, broken or chipped teeth, it's vital that you have your mouth guard on when engaging in high-risk activities. Such activities include; Playing softball, baseball, rugby, hockey, skiing, and even skydiving.

Practice and maintain an excellent oral hygiene

Observing and maintaining an excellent oral hygiene helps you substantially reduce the risk of developing tooth decay or diseased gums, which may lead to an abscess formation. It's essential that you at least brush your teeth 2 times a day if you cannot brush them after each meal. Always use fluoride-based toothpaste. Replace your toothbrush after every 3 months. Consider flossing your teeth 1-2 times a day. It's also paramount that you brush your teeth before sleeping at night.

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